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The S.I.C.S. is a Private Investigation Agency that operates nationally and internationally in the field of Security and consultancy, offering a service based on a strong professionalism and a deep interaction with the needs of the customer or company.

We offer solutions for active and passive Corporate Security of any person, buildings, work sites, information and sensitive data, investigations and business information, credit recovery and legal issues.

Our main activity is based on informations retrieval. We recover, manage and protect, both the information and the people or activities related to it.

Born from the desire of some professionals to join forces and create a project that could guarantee high-profile quality standards, we are able to support our customers with an offer that fully covers their needs in terms of security, surveillance and intelligence.

SICS is proposed as a response to the new demands of the Italian and foreign market, safety, planning, consultancy and support in situations or events in which an impeccable presentation and risk prevention are essential for success.

The basis of human evolution, the constant change and adaptation are the primary resources of a company to overcome difficulties, to remain competitive and at maximum production capacity.

We live immersed in a world which always, sooner or later, asks us, or worse requires us, for some form of adaptation, which will allow us to evolve according to the different situations in which we find ourselves living. One of the biggest problems is that often, unfortunately, these stages are incurred rather than consciously created and managed.

The best way to support these changes is to be able to always find and manage new information of any kind or origin with functional goals that an individual or company should create in the most correct way.
In fact everything is information. Between individuals it is impossible not to communicate. If there is no dialogue, they communicate with their expressions, their postures. In the market there is always sensitive information which you can access, which can be a source of potential innovation or useful to prevent a possible risk. Within a group or a company there are data and details that, knowingly or unknowingly, can represent an obstacle for an asset or, once accessible and properly managed, an impulse to positive growth.

Our business is based on information. We collect, manage and protect information and all persons or activities related to them.

Our resources and our activities allow us to work on different levels, each of which contributes to guarantee the achievement of a goal, a best understanding of the business and personal scenarios, solving management problems and the protection of the productive activity and improvement of the same.

The methods our group of professionals use are different: investigations of companies and people, skill competitors, cronogenetic analysis, all of the security measures for the person, personal property, real estate and information, advice and staff training on communication and safety.

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